My name is Nicole van den Broek, I love to build businesses around lifestyle products and services. My proven track record will show my strong commitment and drive to succes. It is very important to humanize your business with knowledge and understanding the needs of your clients.

I am a driven sales professional with 15+ years experience and I also have a good understanding of marketing strategies and how to activate marketing tools for better sales results. My professional experience shows I also have strong skills in organization and multitasking, I am service minded, I aim to solve all problems and to achieve all goals in different projects. These projects has to be purpose driven, challenging my all round organizational expertise and focused within an (inter)national setting.

Having a genuine interest in a customer’s needs and expectations is very important to me. Integrity and loyalty are two of my core values and important to build strong customer relationships from the start.

I am someone who takes ownership and responsibility in achieving success. I am a strong communicator with servant leadership skills and I can manage teams to bring out the best in themselves and your business.

I enjoy building a new business from scratch or take an established organization to a higher level. I am a self-starter with a proven ability to identify potential key clients, build relationships and close new business opportunities.

And finally, staying focused and making people smile is what drives me everyday.

With this website I hope to increase the change to find a new challenge that is a perfect match with my skill set and personality. Thank you for your interest!